Go Hiking or Backpacking in Grand Canyon



Grand Canyon National Park, and the greater Grand Canyon region, is a hiker’s dream. Most of Grand Canyon National Park is undeveloped backcountry.

There are literally hundreds of miles to hike and backpack and explore. Despite the Grand Canyon’s popularity and numbers of visitors each year, visitors only need to hike a little to enjoy a lot of solitude. But hiking inside Grand Canyon National Park is not for the faint of heart  or out of shape. One of the most rewarding hikes is to the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Our favorite hike to the bottom is to leave at 4:30 am via shuttle drop off near the South Kaibab Trail. Then, after refueling with snacks and energy drinks at Phantom Ranch at bottom of the canyon, return to the South Rim via the spectacular Bright Angel Trail.

There are other phenomenal hikes that provide visitors with a glimpse into the grand abyss that are not as long or ambitious. Backpackers might enjoy camping at the Canyon’s base and exploring the various trails deep within the Canyon.

Great hikes abound throughout the greater Grand Canyon region, including in the Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ, areas, along Grand Canyon West to waterfall wonders like Havasu Falls, in Monument Valley and throughout the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado, all neighboring the Grand Canyon state also provide exceptional and abundant hiking and backpacking opportunities.

Spend some time reading about many of our favorite hikes and backpacking adventures in the ADVENTURE section. Included are several in-depth descriptions for hikes, complete with maps and GPS waypoints, provided courtesy Backpacker Magazine, the preeminent leader when it comes to backpacking and hiking information.

Some of the hikes this site covers include: Rim-to-Rim via South Kaibab Trail, Rim-to-Rim via North Kiabab Trail, Thunder Canyon, Bright Angel to Plateau Point, Parashant National Monument, Sedona’s Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness, Flagstaff, AZ’s Humphrey’s Peak, and more.

And for those who are not as ambitious, or for young families, we also have provide a brief overview of some of our favorite shorter day hikes.