Rivers & Lakes

The three world-famous lakes are all man-made, the results of damming on the Colorado River: Lake Powell, Lake Mead and Lake Havasu. The primary river in the Grand Canyon region is the mighty Colorado River, the river that carved the Grand Canyon and the river that was dammed to create some world-class fisheries and recreational areas.


Extinct Humpback Chub Found

On October 9, 2012 Arizona fish and wildlife officials caught a fish thought to be extinct in the Grand Canyon area. This razorback sucker was the first of its kind to be obtained in more than 20 years. Read More...


New Beaches in Grand Canyon

Intentional flooding causes new beaches.

Lees Ferry

Grand Canyon Dangers: Water

If you’re a reckless visitor it might be your last vacation ever, but if you listen to your guides, you’ll have a great time. Read More...


Naming The Colorado River

The Colorado River had many names before it became the “Colorado” River. Read More...


Down the Great Unknown Book Review

Edward Dolnick’s book details John Wesley Powell’s expedition down the Colorado River from notes, journals, interviews and factual information gathered through hundreds of hours of research. Read More...


Rivers in the Grand Canyon Region

So many river options on a hot day in the Grand Canyon! Read More...

Lake Powell

Arizona Lakes near the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a land of big lakes including Lake Mead, Lake Powell, and Lake Havasu. Read More...

Boats on Lake Mead by Alex Proimos

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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