Information about hiker shuttle, guided bus tours, and taxi services in and around the park.


Verde Canyon Railroad

Travel through a rugged wilderness in the comfort of a luxury locomotive. Verde Canyon Railroad offers a wilderness adventure descending 1,800 feet into the Upper Verde River Canyon, one of Arizona’s grandest natural areas. Read More...

Grand Canyon Train Depot

Planes, Trains and Automobiles to the Grand Canyon

By train, by plane, by bus or car–there are numerous way to get to and around the Grand Canyon. Read More...

Grand Canyon By Air

Airports Near the Grand Canyon

Commercial air carriers serve Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona, and there is limited air service into the Grand Canyon Airport. Read More...

Grand Canyon Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Buses in Grand Canyon

Free shuttle buses run all over the Grand Canyon. Read More...

Shuttle Buses in Grand Canyon

Getting Around Grand Canyon National Park

Guided bus tours and hiker shuttles are two options for navigating the Grand Canyon. Read More...

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