Your Personal Field to Feast in Yuma, Arizona

Providing the nation with fresh vegetables in winter is no easy feat. Lend a hand in Yuma while you’re there on your way from California to the Grand Canyon.
By Tori Peglar ,

Yuma farmers pose in the Field to Feast U-Pick Garden.

Courtesy Visit Yuma

If it weren’t for Yuma, you might not be able to buy fresh vegetables during winter. Ninety percent of the nation’s vegetables are grown in this fertile agricultural hamlet not far from the Mexico border.

Head out into the fields and pick the vegetables that end up in your grocery store during Yuma’s half-day Field to Feast farm tour. It gives you an incredible behind-the-scenes opportunity to find out what goes into growing, picking and delivering food to market. You’ll also learn how to create a healthy lunch that will wow your friends.

Once you don a hairnet and latex gloves, you’ll be sent into the fields with an ingredient list. As you crouch down in the farm’s neat rows, you’ll find it mind-boggling that crops harvested in the morning can be in Phoenix by afternoon and on the East Coast in three-to-four days.

"Field to Feast remains one of our most popular agri-culinary offerings," says Dustin Moore Mylius, former marketing manager for Visit Yuma. "Spending time in the field with a farmer is truly a unique experience, culminating in the freshest meal you'll ever have."

Indeed the payoff is big when you ride the bus to Arizona Western College where culinary students prepare a gourmet lunch based on what you picked.

"When the tour concludes, attendees return with a new appreciation for what it takes to feed an entire nation during the winter months," he says.

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