Secrets of the Grand Canyon by Ken Burns

Watch the USA Today video interview of Ken Burns to learn about the hidden gems of the Grand Canyon National Park.
USA Today Ken Burns interview video about the Grand Canyon

After making his documentaries about America's National Parks, director Ken Burns knows their hidden secrets. So what does he have to share about the Grand Canyon?

- Most people aren't aware that there is more to the Grand Canyon than the South Rim. The quieter North Rim is in an alpine forest setting and has a totally different environment for wildlife than the South Rim's high desert.

- It takes about 11 days to float down the entire canyon on the Colorado River. But, you can stop after four days and hike up the beautiful 8-mile Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim.

- You can trek one of the lesser used trails and not see another person for hours, allowing you to be alone with the canyon.

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National park ranger wearing a face mask and gloves to protect against COVID-19

5 Things to Know About Grand Canyon Travel Amid COVID-19

In light of the spread of COVID-19, trying to find out what is open and closed in our national parks is a moving target these days. Here are updates.

Yavapai Point in the Grand Canyon

Naming of Places in the Grand Canyon

Learning about names is a fun way to discover some of the history of the area, so check it out.

Lookout Studio in Grand Canyon Village. Photo by NPS Michael Quinn

Guide to Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim

Learn about the lore behind the national park's most legendary places.

Grand Falls also called Chocolate Falls. Photo by Sierralara

Arizona Waterfalls Near the Grand Canyon

Waterfalls around the Grand Canyon can range from trickling water to a raging cascade, but they're fun either way. Learn about Grand Falls and Encinoso Falls here.

Backcountry Information Center. Photo by Whit Richardson

Backcountry Camping in the Grand Canyon

Backcountry permits are required for all overnight backcountry camping in Grand Canyon National Park.

View from Yavapai Point in the Grand Canyon

Look at the Grand Canyon to Live Longer

Even if you don't hike the trails or bike Hermit's Road, the act of looking at the Grand Canyon can lengthen your life.

The view of Desert View Point from high up in the Desert View Watchtower on the South Rim. Photo by Grant Ordelheide

6 Hazards to Avoid in the Grand Canyon

Follow these tips about viewpoints on the edge, floods, heat and dehydration to enjoy a safe and fantastic Grand Canyon trip.

Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Photo by Whit Richardson

Grand Canyon Visitor Centers

There are several visitor centers throughout the Grand Canyon where you can find helpful information about the park.

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