North Rim Presents Western Arts Day

Photo by Al Hikes

Photo by Al Hikes

On July 13, 2013 visitors to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon will have a chance to experience the creation of traditional western arts. Western Arts Day, an annual celebration presented by the National Park Service, celebrates the cultural activities that have shaped the Grand Canyon, Northern Arizona, and Southern Utah regions.

Festivities start at noon on Saturday, July 13 at the Grand Canyon Lodge. Programs and activities will take place at developed areas along the Grand Canyon's North Rim, including the auditorium and the grassy square east of Grand Canyon Lodge. Featured activities will likely include cowboy poetry and music, flint-knapping (the art of shaping flint into hand tools), saddle making, rug making and 1840s-era survival skills. The event concludes that evening with an 8:00 p.m. evening program.

Stop in at the North Rim Visitor Center for a full list of the times and locations of event activities.

Donations received from the Grand Canyon Association and Forever Resorts were pivotal in making this event possible.


Cape Royal at the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim

Those visiting the remote North Rim (a 5-hour drive from South Rim) will be rewarded with a chance to see the canyon without the crowds.