The Park

Start here for basic information about the park. Learn where the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions such as what to pack and how close you should get to wild animals. Are you planning a trip far in advance? Check our weather articles to learn what to expect in different seasons.

Grand Canyon National Park Seasonal Access

All entrances, facilities, and roads (barring road construction) are open during the summer vacation season. The North Rim of the national park is closed to wheeled vehicles during the winter. Many campgrounds also have seasonal opening and closing dates. Several times a year, all national parks have free days. Otherwise, entry fees apply.

Getting Around the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is split into two by the Colorado River canyon. There are no vehicle bridges so it's a long drive from the South Rim to the North Rim. Grand Canyon West is not in the national park and is owned by the Hualapai Nation. This is where the glass bridge Skywalk is located.

In the national park you’ll find visitor centers, museums, and scenic side roads. All major roads are accessible by RVs and other large vehicles, but some side roads are not. The national park has a shuttle bus service at the South Rim to the major trailheads and visitor centers. Otherwise, you’ll need a car, motorcycle, bike, or tour transportation to travel around the park.