Download PDF Map of the South Rim and Grand Canyon Village

Find historic buildings designed by architect Mary Colter, interactive visitor centers and incredible museums, along with lodges, hotels and campgrounds.
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Download Grand Canyon South Rim Map PDF

When many people talk about "the Grand Canyon," they are talking about the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park with its busy hub, Grand Canyon Village. This area of the park is open to visitors 365-day-a-year. Here you'll find historic buildings designed by architect Mary Colter, interactive visitor centers and incredible museums, along with lodges, hotels and campgrounds. Use this map to find distances between areas of the South Rim, the Grand Canyon shuttle routes, and the greenway biking/walking path.

Need a Detailed Topographic Map for the Grand Canyon?

Buy the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map Pack for the South and North Rims of the national park plus native areas of Grand Canyon West and Grand Canyon East at Coverage also includes Lake Mead, Parashant National Monument, Glen and Paria Canyons and neighboring national forests and wilderness areas. Map notes locations of trails, trailheads, points of interest, campgrounds, geologic history and much more printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material.


Map of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Download PDF Map of the North Rim and Grand Canyon Lodge

Find a visitor center, a lodge porch with a grand view, campgrounds, and hiking trails at this quieter side of the Grand Canyon, open seasonally.

Sunset at Hopi Point on the South Rim. Photo by Gloria Wadzinski

Grand Canyon South Rim

Open 365 days a year, the South Rim offers plenty of activities, restaurants and, of course, gorgeous views. It is the most-visited part of the canyon.

Grand Canyon Map

Download PDF Map of Grand Canyon Area

This overview map has nearby major highways and interstates, and gateway cities including the west end with Lake Mead to the east end with Lake Powell.

Lookout Studio in Grand Canyon Village. Photo by NPS Michael Quinn

Guide to Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim

Learn about the lore behind the national park's most legendary places.

Grand Canyon Shuttle Bus

South Rim Shuttle Buses in the Grand Canyon

Free shuttle buses operate in and around the South Rim village. No tickets are required, and bus stops are clearly marked throughout the park by signs.

Cape Royal at the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim

Those visiting the remote North Rim (a 5-hour drive from South Rim) will be rewarded with a chance to see the canyon without the crowds.


South Rim: Desert View Drive in the Grand Canyon

Spectacular views on this scenic road will have you stopping often for photos.

Dog "Petunia" taking in the Grand Canyon. Photo by fPat Murray via Flickr

Can I Bring My Pet to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon?

The South Rim is one of the few places in the national park system that has a pet kennel for dogs and cats and pet-friendly hotel rooms in the park.

Grand Canyon South Rim vs. Grand Canyon West

Quick Facts: South Rim vs. Grand Canyon West

What’s the difference? A lot. To start, they are on opposite ends of the canyon and 4 hours apart. Get the facts at a glance about these two vacation destinations.