Download PDF Map of Grand Canyon Area

This overview map has nearby major highways and interstates, and gateway cities including the west end with Lake Mead to the east end with Lake Powell.
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This is an overview map of the Grand Canyon with nearby major highways and interstates and gateway cities.

  • West end with Lake Mead
  • Grand Canyon West area owned by the Hualapai Indian Reservation with the Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridge
  • Havasupai Nation with hikes to waterfalls
  • Grand Canyon National Park's South and North Rims
  • East end with Lake Powell
  • Navajo Indian Reservation with Monument Valley (off map to northeast)
Grand Canyon Map

Download Grand Canyon Map


Location of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.

Where is the Grand Canyon?

The canyon was carved out by the Colorado River in northern Arizona from Lake Powell at the Arizona-Utah border to Lake Mead at the Arizona-Nevada border.

Hiker at Bright Angel Point on the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim

Those visiting the remote North Rim (5-hour drive from South Rim) will be rewarded with a chance to see the canyon without the crowds.