Grand Canyon Becomes a National Park

Woodrow Wilson Signs Grand Canyon Park into Law

Without the support of several presidents Grand Canyon National Park would never have been created. After Teddy Roosevelt made Grand Canyon a National Monument in 1908, President Woodrow Wilson followed 11 years later by signing Senate Bill 390 into law, ultimately upgrading Grand Canyon to a National Park.

Wilson, who is also responsible for creating the National Park Service in 1916, was a strong believer in protecting America's natural wonders. Wilson visited several of the Parks, including Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Without Wilson's contributions to the idea of National Parks, the Grand Canyon may have still remained only a National Monument.


Grand Canyon View

How the Grand Canyon Became a National Park

The Canyon's natural beauty was under attack from developers, miners and ranchers. Jan 11, 1908, Roosevelt stopped them by establishing a national monument.

Indian Garden and Three-mile Resthouse from Bright Angel Trail.

Grand Canyon Becomes a National Forest

Creating Grand Canyon National Forest

Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter going over blueprints for one of her buildings in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Throughout Time

Travel back in time with a history lesson on the Grand Canyon

Shuttle Buses in Grand Canyon

Getting Around Inside Grand Canyon National Park

Guided bus tours and hiker shuttles are two options for navigating the Grand Canyon.

Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

Places from the Past near Grand Canyon

Visit these parks on your way to Grand Canyon.

Marble Canyon

Grand Canyon Saved from Flooding

Until January 20, 1969 the Grand Canyon was not fully safe from flooding and becoming another major man made lake in Arizona.

Zion Subway. Photo by Whit Richardson

Utah National Parks

Head north from the Grand Canyon to explore one of Utah's five national parks - Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Zion, and Bryce

Thunder Spring Falls. Photo by Whit Richardson

Hiking Thunder Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's seven wonders, and the North Rim is its most remote destination.

Early Tourists of Grand Canyon

Early Tourists of the Grand Canyon

The first people to come to sightsee were transcontinental travelers, who disembarked in Williams or Flagstaff and came to the canyon via stagecoach