Grand Canyon Saved from Flooding

Until January 20, 1969 the Grand Canyon was not fully safe from flooding and becoming another major man made lake in Arizona.
Marble Canyon

Until January 20, 1969 the Grand Canyon was not fully safe from flooding and becoming another major man made lake in Arizona. President Lyndon B. Johnson fixed that problem when just before leaving from office he signed into act the creation of Marble Canyon National Monument. The monument played a key role in saving the Grand Canyon, by preventing any future dams from being constructed downstream, potentially flooding the Canyon. Marble Canyon was added to the Grand Canyon in 1975 when the Grand Canyon Enlargement Act was signed into law. The act protected the entire area from Lake Mead to Glen Canyon. Though Johnson protected Marble Canyon late in his presidency, he is one of the main reasons rafters can enjoy the Canyon's world-class waters.


Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

Places from the Past near Grand Canyon

Visit these parks on your way to Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon View

How the Grand Canyon Became a National Park

The Canyon's natural beauty was under attack from developers, miners and ranchers. Jan 11, 1908, Roosevelt stopped them by establishing a national monument.

Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter going over blueprints for one of her buildings in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Throughout Time

Travel back in time with a history lesson on the Grand Canyon

Location of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.

Where is the Grand Canyon?

The canyon was carved out by the Colorado RiverĀ in northern Arizona from Lake Powell at the Arizona-Utah border to Lake Mead at the Arizona-Nevada border.

grand canyon

Grand Canyon Becomes a National Park

Woodrow Wilson Signs Grand Canyon Park into Law

Indian Garden and Three-mile Resthouse from Bright Angel Trail.

Grand Canyon Becomes a National Forest

Creating Grand Canyon National Forest

Lees Ferry - Mile 0 for rafting in the Grand Canyon

Legendary Grand Canyon Boatman - Martin Litton

In the Grand Canyon, 296 miles of the Colorado River runs free, largely because of Martin Litton. He was a Grand Canyon river runner and environmental activist.


Grand Canyon Fanatics

They couldn't get enough of the Grand Canyon. Read about the early explorers and fanatics that passionately forged great adventures out in the wild canyon.

An artist's impression of United Airlines Flight 718 colliding with TWA Flight 2. Wikimedia Commons by anonymous author.

1956 Grand Canyon Airplane Crash

A mid-air collision occurred on June 30, 1956 when a United Airlines Douglas DC-7 struck a Trans World Airlines Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation over the Grand Canyon in Arizona