Lake Powell is so large it can be difficult to know how to navigate it to make the most of your time. Here are the top four things to do.

Horseshoe Bend

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

One of the most photographed places in the West, this iconic feature is where the Colorado River makes a hard turn, creating a beautiful horseshoe shape. While you have to walk .75 miles to see it, the park service added amenities in 2018. Now ADA accessible, you’ll find shade shelters and a viewing platform with a partial railing. Horseshoe Bend is 1,000 feet below, so watch your children. Heat can be a real hazard, so don't do this hike mid-day in summer. Temperatures have melted the rubber off the soles of shoes. 

Flatwater Float Trip

Lees Ferry - Mile 0 for rafting in the Grand Canyon

Lees Ferry - Mile 0 for rafting in the Grand Canyon

Enjoy a gorgeous flatwater float down the Colorado River from the Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry. This half-day trip with Wilderness River Adventures brings you down 15 gorgeous river miles. You’ll board a bus to the put-in where you’ll climb in engine-powered rafts. At Lees Ferry, you’ll discover Lonely Dell Ranch Historic Site on a one-mile walking tour past orchards and buildings constructed for families operating Lees Ferry. The area served as a ferry crossing site from 1872-1928. Board the bus for a 42-mile drive back to Page. 

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Tiny hikers undernearth Rainbow Bridge National Monument at Lake Powell

Can you spot the hikers underneath the arch? Their scale show just how tall this natural bridge is.

You can only see this awe-inspiring sight if you ride a boat or do a three-day hike. Standing 290 feet tall and 275 feet wide, this towering natural sandstone bridge could fit the Statue of Liberty underneath it. Established in 1910, it’s the country’s first officially designated dark skies sanctuary. “It’s so beautiful it’s one of those things you cannot fully comprehend unless you see it in person,” says Betsy Scroggs, visual information specialist at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It’s a full-day trip. 

Swim Beach at Wahweap

Wahweap swim beach and marina area at Lake Powell

Wahweap swim beach and marina area at Lake Powell

The only designated beach for swimmers, Wahweap Swim Beach is an oasis during the summer at Lake Powell. Even so, it’s a .75-mile, shadeless, heat-pounding walk to the beach from the parking lot. While there is no lifeguard, ropes with buoys clearly mark the swimming area to separate boats from people. The water is warm enough to keep you in for a long time. However, don't go to the beach without abundant water. Even though the water cools you, the sun is relentless.

For more information:
Page Lake Powell Visitor Center
(928) 645-9496
6 North Lake Powell Blvd., Page, AZ

Lake Powell


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Lake Powell

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