Bearizona in Williams, Ariz.

White bison calf with its mom at Bearizona
White bison calf with its mom at BearizonaPhoto courtesy of Kari St. Clair Bearizona

You may only have one opportunity in your life to see a white buffalo. 

Make it happen by visiting Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, Ariz., on Route 66 just 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Born in 2017, the rare white buffalo is named “Wonder.” But she is just one of about 250 North American animals, including bears and wolves, you’ll spot as you drive the park’s three-mile loop. 

“You can see the animals up-close that you normally couldn’t,” says Diana Roggenbuck of Bearizona. “We rescue about 50 percent of our animals and give them homes when they no longer can live in the wild. It’s about education and fun.”

Bearizona's new Canyonlands Restaurant
Bearizona’s new Canyonlands RestaurantCourtesy Kari St. Clair Bearizona

Afterwards, stroll Fort Bearizona Walking Area that includes a raptor program and barnyard petting zoo. In the Canyonlands Restaurant, you’ll find canyon walls, ancient-looking ruins and soaring wood-carved eagles.

“It’s an attraction on its own,” says Roggenbuck who adds there are great views of the jaguar enclosure from the restaurant.

The restaurant serves everything from burgers to salads and sandwiches and feature two bars. The best part? Food is served quickly, giving you more time in the park.

“Every time you drive through, you’ll see something different, be it a bear on the road, in a tree or wolves howling,” says Roggenbuck who reminds passengers to stay in their cars with doors and windows closed.

For more information:
(928) 635-2289
1500 E. Rout 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Bearizona drive-through wildlife park in Williams, Ariz. Courtesy photo

Drive through the wildlife park. 

Bears at Bearizona.
Photo courtesy of the City of Williams

Bears at Bearizona drive-through wildlife park. 

Golden Eagle at Bearizona
Photo courtesy of the City of Williams

Golden eagle at Bearizona. 

Bearizona White Buffalo Calf
Courtesy Bearizona

White Buffalo Calf. 

Tristan feeding a goat in the Barnyard at Bearizona
Courtesy Bearizona

Tristan feeding a goat in the Barnyard. 

Bearizona Wolves
Courtesy Bearizona

Wolves. Photo courtesy of Bearizona

Cute bear cubs at Bearizona in Williams. Courtesy photo

Cute bear cubs. 

Bearizona Raptor Program in Williams, Arizona
Courtesy City of Williams

A volunteer from the audience helps with the Raptor Program at Bearizona

An owl flies over the crowd at a Bearizona bird show. Courtesy Bearizona
Courtesy Bearizona

An owl flies over the crowd. 

Panther enclosure at Bearizona in Williams, Arizona
Courtesy City of Williams

The panther enclosure visible from the restaurant at Bearizona