Bald Eagles in the Grand Canyon

Spot Bald Eagles near the Colorado River as they hunt for trout.
Bald Eagle

Bird lovers who visit Grand Canyon National Park are in for a treat. Over 350 species of birds live throughout the park. One of the most sought-after highlights is the Bald Eagle, which can usually be seen near the Colorado River as they hunt for trout.

While Bald Eagles are not native to the canyon, they began spending winters in the canyon after 1985. Scientists have pointed to the construction of Glen Canyon damn in 1963 as one of the prime reasons since eagles can see the trout through the clear water below. If you're looking for a great place to see a Bald Eagle head to Nankoweap Creek, where trout typically spawn.

Check out this great video from BBC featuring a Bald Eagle catching a salmon:


Pipistrellus Bat

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California Condors in the Grand Canyon

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Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon

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