Go Mountain Biking or Cycling in Grand Canyon

Most trails in the park do not allow bikes, but you can ride on Hermit Road at the South Rim and the Rainbow Rim trail on the North Rim and National Forest.

If you're a mountain biker or bicyclist, you have some great options here.

Cycling in Grand Canyon National Park is limited: most of the trails in the park do not allow mountain bikes, and road biking on the main byways is not recommended because of heavy traffic and non-existent shoulders. Nonetheless there are a number of options available to cyclists looking for great riding, as well as the unique experience of seeing the Grand Canyon from the saddle of a bike rather than the seat of a car.

South Rim Biking

Rent a bike or bring your own and cycle along Hermit Road. You can even do a one-way bike trip and take the shuttle back.

North Rim Biking

On the North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park has partnered with the Kaibab National Forest to create the Rainbow Rim mountain bike trail, an 18-mile singletrack that connects five points: Paissawampitts, Fence, Locust, Timp and North Timp.

Biking Beyond the Grand Canyon National Park

Get off the beaten path with your mountain bike, or a rented mountain bike, to explore further than your hiking boots can take you. Or, log some spectacular road miles on your bicycle.

And some popular biking destinations that are outside of Grand Canyon National Park but can easily be included on your vacation itinerary include Flagstaff and Sedona, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Utah's Gooseberry Mesa (near Zion National Park) or Monument Valley to name a few.