Go Fishing in Grand Canyon

Fishing inside Grand Canyon

Fishermen have a few options for great trout fishing while spending some time inside Grand Canyon National Park. But due to the fact the Colorado River is far below the canyon's rim, access can be a limiting factor.

The best fishing inside Grand Canyon National Park is on the Grand Canyon's east end, upstream from Phantom Ranch. Successful anglers will catch rainbow trout, carp, speckled dace, flannel-mouth sucker and blue-head sucker.

Phantom Ranch is at the base of the Grand Canyon, the end of a lengthy, rugged hike via South Kaibab or Bright Angel Trail from the South Rim.

Or, those visitors embarking on a private or commercially guided raft trip can try their luck along their river adventure.

The best seasons try your luck fishing inside the national park are fall and winter.

To fish inside Grand Canyon National Park, visitors must have an Arizona Fishing Permit. (Children under the age of 14 do not need a permit if they are with an adult who has one)