Guided Tours

Antelope Canyon Tours near the Grand Canyon

Take a tour into slot canyons that are within the Antelope Wash basin outside of Page, Arizona.

Find inspiration in Arizona slot canyons

Authorized Navajo guides provide sightseeing tours into slot canyons that are within the Antelope Wash basin near Page, Ariz. These canyons are located on Navajo Nation land and are only open to the public through a guided tour.

Two of the most famous canyons are Upper Antelope Canyon and Mountain Sheep Canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon is famous for the beams of light that shine into the canyon during the summer months. It is the most famous slot canyon near Page, Ariz.

Mountain Sheep Canyon near Page, Arizona
People walking through Mountain Sheep CanyonDepositphotos

Mountain Sheep Canyon is the longest slot canyon in the area. It is very well known for it wideness and about halfway into the canyon it gets very narrow so you get to experience both a wide and narrow slot canyon on the same outing.

The canyons are very photogenic and the flat sandy ground makes it easy to hike. Soft colors in the morning and evening make it perfect for photography. 

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