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Experience Hopi Day Tour and Moenkopi Legacy Inn near Grand Canyon

Catch a rare glimpse into Hopi culture

People have been living in Old Oraibi [pronounced “Oravy”] for nearly 1,000 years, and if you go on an Experience Hopi day tour, you’ll visit this ancient village as well as other significant Hopi sites.

“It’s never been so easy to book a room, enjoy the comforts that are everywhere but in Hopi and then take a tour,” says James Surveyor, operations manager of the Moenkopi Developers Corporation.

Just an hour and 15 minutes from the South Rim, the Hopi reservation offers travelers a cultural experience and rare glimpse into Native American life today.

Smoke with Hopi pottery
Traditional Hopi pot firing
Duane Darling/ courtesy Studio D Services via Experience Hopi

Painting Hopi pottery
Hopi pottery with line pigments made from natural plants
Duane Darling/ courtesy Studio D Services via Experience Hopi

Hopi Artist Duane
Duane Tawahongva, a self-taught Hopi silversmith working on a traditional Hopi overlay.
 Duane Darling/ courtesy Studio D Services via Experience Hopi

Hopi Dancers
Polika Mana is butterfly corn maiden in Hopi. This is a photo taken at Second Mesa in Hopi.
Courtesy Experience Hopi

Your morning will start in the modern hotel lobby of Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites in Tuba City, Ariz., with a short overview by your Hopi guide before you climb into an air-conditioned tour van with individual seats. From there, you’ll head to Coalmine Canyon to learn about Hopi pottery, discover the important role agriculture has played in Hopi life and spend 15 minutes walking across Old Oraibi. Its residents have no electricity or running water.

Beyond you’ll visit Prophecy Rock, a singular sacred petroglyph, and Dawa Park filled with rock art from many chapters of Hopi history.

“Hopi is an ancient culture and not even all Hopis know all the information,” Surveyor says. “So what we share on tours are like raindrops in a big pool of Hopi culture.”

Hopi people live in 12 villages located across four regions known as First Mesa, Second Mesa and Third Mesa. Some welcome visitors and enable you to see what Hopi culture is like today.

Because of the reservation’s poor economic conditions, the Experience Hopi Tours and hotel have made a tremendous positive impact, employing more than 100 people. Even local artists are benefitting from the tourism.

“Our hotel gift shop is one of the new places where you can get authentic Hopi arts and crafts at reasonable prices,” says Surveyor. “We’re looking to support our community of artists.”

Interested in meeting a Hopi silversmith, painter or weaver? Book a custom tour.

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