8 Ways to Live in the Moment, Grand Canyon Style - My Grand Canyon Park

It’s hard to be in the moment these days when there’s an almost-gravitational pull to look at the news on our phones for the one-billionth time. But one of the most powerful lessons we’ve learned while traveling is how valuable it is to immerse ourselves in the experience at hand. To refocus your attention away from the news, here are 8 exceptional ways to have fun and be present, Grand Canyon-style.

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Focus on Wonder

Grand Canyon National Park is known for its gorgeous trails winding down the canyon and its amazing viewpoints along its rim. Put together one of its most spectacular views when you do this puzzle. The puzzle is composed of 1,000 pieces, providing you a challenge and also satisfaction when you put that last piece on the puzzle and see the Grand Canyon appear before you in all of its breathtaking colors.

Amazon - Grand Canyon Puzzle

Start Coloring

A couple of years ago, adult coloring books started popping up in bookstores and online, promoting coloring as the newest Zen activity for stressed out adults. Here’s your chance to get in touch with your creative side with a Grand Canyon coloring book for adults.

Amazon - Grand Canyon Coloring Book

After you’ve finished one of these books, you can graduate to the stunning 61 Illustrated National Parks Coloring Book by Anderson Design Group. Based on this group’s fun and award-winning national park posters, you’ll feel like an artiste as you work on these 72 pages of gorgeous illustrations.

Amazon - 61 National Parks Coloring Book

Ignite Your Child’s Imagination

Are your kids complaining about being bored? Let them take themselves on a virtual trip to 20 national parks with National Parks of the U.S.A. Kids ages 6-9 will love this beautiful, award-winning hardcover book by Kate Silber and illustrated by Chris Turnham, which covers 20 national parks with gorgeous maps, illustrations and fun trivia about the animals and flowers that inhabit the parks. It’s available in hard cover.

Amazon - National Parks of the U.S.A.

Navigate the Colorado River by Armchair

Immerse yourself in an epic adventure down the Colorado River and through the heart of Grand Canyon in this book about John Wesley Powell’s 1869 expedition. Author Edward Dolnick uses diaries, primary research and modern-day interviews to tell the story of Powell and nine others that embarked on this harrowing 99-day journey through what was then was unchartered territory. 

Amazon - Down the Great Unknown

Think About Food

Lounge in your living room and discover the best culinary stops and the people behind them in this fun book called Road Food. It’s an eater’s guide to more than 1,000 best local hot spots in America.

Amazon - Road Food

Play a National Parks Board Game

Looking for an award-winning board games that highlights the amazing national parks across the country? Play Trekking the National Parks, in which players compete for points by claiming park cards and collecting trail stones as they travel across the country, stopping at national parks along the way. Every park card has a beautiful park photo accompanied by an interesting fact, inspiring and educating players.

Amazon.com - Trekking the National Parks: The Family Board Game

Start Embroidering

Nothing keeps you in the moment more than embroidery, so pick up a needle and thread and try this cross-stitch embroidery kit that features a scene of wildlife in Grand Canyon National Park.

Amazon.com - Grand Canyon Cross-stitch Embroidery Kit