Viewing Mule Deer in the Grand Canyon

Commonly identified by their large ears and black tipped tails, Mule Deer are the most visible large mammal in Grand Canyon National Park.
Mule Deer with Velvet Antlers

High on most national park visitors' wish list when vacationing in the Western U. S. is wildlife viewing. While Grand Canyon National Park is not exactly famous for its wildlife viewing opportunities, there are some wild animals here that visitors might see.

Learn a little about mule deer, a common hoofed animal visitors will see throughout the Grand Canyon region.

Mule deer are common throughout Grand Canyon National Park and throughout the western half of North America for that matter. Mule deer get their name from their mule-like ears. Visitors will see mule deer along the hiking trails and the rim, and throughout much of their travels during a Grand Canyon vacation.

Two mule deer bucks.

Two mule deer bucks.

Commonly identified by their large ears and black tipped tails, Mule Deer are the most visible large mammal in Grand Canyon National Park. To identify males look for antlers, which they grow each year before shedding them during winter months. The deer tend to feed on twigs and shrubs and grow to be roughly 3.5 feet tall and about five to seven feet long. Tracks appear similar to two teardrops facing each other and while it's common to mix up the deer with mules, don't expect to see any Mule Deer carrying people down the Bright Angle Trail. (They're smarter than that.)


Peregrine Falcon

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Mountain Lions in the Grand Canyon

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Horned Owl with Chicks

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Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon

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