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Top 2 Grand Canyon West Viewpoints

Outside of the Grand Canyon National Park on the Hualapai Indian Reservation lies the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Eagle Point, and Guano Point.

Eagle Point from the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West.
Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West.Depositphotos

A stone’s throw away from the Grand Canyon Skywalk is Eagle Point, a sacred formation for the Hualapai. This rock, created by nature, not man, looks like an eagle with its wings spread. It can be viewed from the Skywalk’s glass bridge, a horseshoe-shaped walkway that extends almost 70 feet out over the Grand Canyon, or the adjacent overlook.

Tour guide Cory Majenty says an elder told him that in the early days, his people lived at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and an eagle flew down to warn the people of a great flood. As the eagle flew up, it stayed near the top of the canyon to watch over the people. Then it turned to stone. Today, see the mighty eagle in mid-flight with its wings spread out.

Editor Tori Peglar listening to  tour guide Cory Majenty talk about the legend of Eagle Point. Photo by Luka Montana
Editor Tori Peglar listening to tour guide Cory Majenty talk about the legend of Eagle Point.Luka Montana

Guano Point at Grand Canyon West

Guano Point at the Grand Canyon's West Rim
Guano Point at the Grand Canyon’s West RimDollar Photo

Guano Point features panoramic views of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. It is named after the Bat Cave Mine 2,500 feet below, across the canyon which was closed in 1960. You can still see remnants of the cable tramway.

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