View Peregrine Falcons in the Grand Canyon

Peregrine Falcon

One of nature's most efficient aerial killers, Peregrine Falcons are typically seen high atop cliffs within Grand Canyon National Park. The Falcons usually stay high since they can spot their prey from over 2,000 feet off the ground and once they have selected a poor critter to snag, they can dive towards the earth at speeds upwards of 200 mph. During the late 1900's Peregrines became nearly extinct and were bread in captivity to help stabilize their population. In 1999 the falcons were taken off the endangered species list and there are now over 1,600 breading pairs in the United States.

What does a Peregrine Falcon look like?

This video from the BBCWorldwide shows the bird of prey in action:


Two mule deer bucks.

Viewing Mule Deer in the Grand Canyon

Commonly identified by their large ears and black tipped tails, Mule Deer are the most visible large mammal in Grand Canyon National Park.

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions in the Grand Canyon

Mountain lions are common within Grand Canyon National Park, but visitors rarely see them since they tend to blend in and do not actively approach people.

Condor #87 turned 16-years-old in 2014. He was released into the Grand Canyon in 1998.

California Condors in The Grand Canyon

Catch a glimpse of this majestic bird as it soars high above the canyon floor scanning the rocky terrain for its next meal.

Horned Owl with Chicks

Falcons, owls and hawks in the Grand Canyon

Falcons, owls and hawks are frequent fliers in the Grand Canyon National Park region and Arizona.


Coyotes in Grand Canyon National Park

Though tough to spot against the multicolored backdrop of Arizona's dry desert, coyotes are an important part of Grand Canyon's natural ecosystem.

Desert Spiny Lizard

Reptiles of the Grand Canyon

There are approximately 47 species of reptiles, including lizards and snakes, in the national park.

Pipistrellus Bat

Western Pipistrelle Bats in the Grand Canyon

The canyon's bats can be seen darting through the darkness in search of beetles, moths and flies. Two tested positive for rabies. Should you worry?

Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon

Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon

Desert bighorn sheep are nimble-footed and inhabit terrain that is rocky and steep. You may see them along the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles in the Grand Canyon

Spot Bald Eagles near the Colorado River as they hunt for trout.