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Paddle Down the Colorado River Using Google Street View

Learn about the Grand Canyon's Colorado River and go on your own virtual journey without leaving home. Not as much fun as actually doing it, but very cool nonetheless.


Would you like to take a trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon without leaving home? Okay. It’s not as much fun as actually doing it, but thanks to Google Maps, you can.

Google worked with nonprofit organization American Rivers whose mission is to educate and raise awareness about the river. They then contracted Arizona River Runners to make film the trip from Lee’s Ferry to Pearce Ferry (286 miles).

The Colorado River Street view page tells the story behind the undertaking, introduces you to the river trekkers, shows you a map of the trip, and has a short intro video that you can watch before taking your own virtual journey.

Paddle the river now at,0,6810119.story#ixzz2vrri7m21