Visit Grand Canyon Virtually

You don’t have to visit Grand Canyon National Park to experience its spectacular attractions like Hopi Point, Bright Angel Trail and Phantom Ranch.
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Early morning at the Lookout Studio in Grand Canyon National Park

Early morning at the Lookout Studio from the National Park Service Flickr photo collection

Even if you can't travel to the park right now, you can still see, hear and experience what’s happening in Grand Canyon, thanks to some amazing technology. Here are some of our favorite ways to feel like we are in the park, even when we’re nowhere near it.

Fly to Grand Canyon

One of the best ways to experience Grand Canyon National Park when you can’t visit is to fly there via Google Earth. You can see what Bright Angel Trail looks like on the South Rim, take in the breathtaking views from Hopi Point and then fly to Cape Royal, a popular picnic spot on the North Rim.

You can even fly near Havasu Falls, which is just outside of Grand Canyon National Park, and known for its gorgeous turquoise water. To visit Havasupai Falls in person, you face a competitive permit system administered from the Havasupai tribe, so flying there gives you an effortless glimpse into this unique place.

Grand Canyon National Park on Google Earth

Toggle through 18 locations inside Grand Canyon National Park by clicking in the lower right corner on Google Earth screen

Get Live Views

Is it clear and sunny at the South Rim? You’ll get the answer when you check out this live web cam positioned at the Yavapai Museum of Geology on the South Rim.

Go Rafting Virtually down the Colorado River

If you can’t raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in person, don’t miss this opportunity to raft it virtually.

You can also do a virtual hike to Phantom Ranch. Check this out.

Explore Phantom Ranch and Desert View Watchtower

If you can’t make it to Phantom Ranch, the amazingly isolated group of cabins and a small restaurant at the bottom of the canyon, visit it in one of the episodes of Grand Canyon In Depth. Phantom Ranch is just one episode of a video podcast series that explores the natural and human history of Grand Canyon National Park. You’ll listen to and see park rangers, scientists and historians who share the park’s places like Desert View Watchtower and tell stories.

Go on An Archaeological Dig

Want to go on a tour with archaeologists uncovering Grand Canyon’s ancient past?
Experience 360 photos that show the archaeologists at work in this first major excavation in 40 years.

Check out Vintage and Contemporary Photos

The park has an archive of photos of more than 5,000 photos from the past and today that you can view on Flickr. Spend some time in this incredible archive, picking out sites you recognize and putting others on your bucket list.

Other Resources

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Sunset at Desert View Point in Grand Canyon National Park

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Go Fishing in Grand Canyon Region

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Guano Point at the Grand Canyon's West Rim

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