Coyotes and Grey Fox Howl in the Grand Canyon

This is desert country, which means visitors will often hear the howls of coyotes during the night while vacationing to the Grand Canyon region.

This is desert country, which means visitors will often hear the howls of coyotes during the night while vacationing to the Grand Canyon region.

But coyotes are not the only canids that visitors may see or hear. The Gray fox also calls this region home.



Found throughout Arizona, the coyote is the state's most familiar animal. Even where coyotes aren't seen, visitors may hear their choruses of howls, yelps, and barks, especially during the night. The animal's pointed ears, narrow nose, generally brown coat color, and black-tipped tail, which is usually held downward, help differentiate coyotes from dogs and wolves.

gray fox

Gray Fox

Gray fox range throughout much of the southern half of North America. The animal is distinguished from most other canids by its grizzled upper parts, strong neck and black-tipped tail.



Coyotes in Grand Canyon National Park

Though tough to spot against the multicolored backdrop of Arizona's dry desert, coyotes are an important part of Grand Canyon's natural ecosystem.

Squirrel in the Grand Canyon

Beavers, Squirrels, and Mice in Grand Canyon National Park

A brief overview of some of the furry rodentds that visitors may see while exploring the Grand Canyon, from large beaver to tiny pocket mice.

Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon

Bighorn Sheep in the Grand Canyon

Desert bighorn sheep are nimble-footed and inhabit terrain that is rocky and steep. You may see them along the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Two mule deer bucks.

Viewing Mule Deer in the Grand Canyon

Commonly identified by their large ears and black tipped tails, Mule Deer are the most visible large mammal in Grand Canyon National Park.

Horned Owl with Chicks

Falcons, owls and hawks in the Grand Canyon

Falcons, owls and hawks are frequent fliers in the Grand Canyon National Park region and Arizona.

Upper Antelope Canyon near Page Arizona. Photo by Joshua Benally

Canyons in Arizona Beyond the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the ultimate canyon, but it's only one of many canyons that are worthy of seeing and experiencing during your Arizona vacation.


Go Fishing in Grand Canyon Region

There's nothing like standing in the river as its currents surround you and pass you by. The Grand Canyon region is full of world-class rivers that provide visitors with a great abundance and variety of fishing opportunities.

Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions in the Grand Canyon

Mountain lions are common within Grand Canyon National Park, but visitors rarely see them since they tend to blend in and do not actively approach people.

Black Bear by Jean-Edouard Rozey

Are There Bears in the Grand Canyon Area?

Black bear sighting are rare but there is talk of introducing grizzlies to the Grand Canyon to promote plant diversity and control grazing animals.