Dining on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

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Dining room in the Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim.

Dining room in the Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim.

Fewer restaurants doesn’t mean fewer options for cuisine at the North Rim.

“I only have one restaurant [Grand Canyon Lodge dining room], and in that restaurant I have to try to appeal to all the many different types of people and their incomes,” says Gregory Von Uebbing, the food and beverage manager.

Von Uebbing tries to stay as regional as possible both in the ingredients and the names of the dishes.

“Trout is locally sourced," he says. "Our beef is locally sourced from ranches from this part of the country."

Dishes range from a chips and salsa appetizer to a tasty (non-locally sourced) scallop entree. There are options for those with dietary restrictions.

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Cape Royal at the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim

Those visiting the remote North Rim (a 5-hour drive from South Rim) will be rewarded with a chance to see the canyon without the crowds.