Hotels and Cabins inside the Park

To have the ultimate Grand Canyon vacation experience spend at least one night inside the national park at one of seven lodges on the South or North Rim, or one at the bottom of the canyon.

South Rim Lodging

If you want to spend your nights on the South Rim inside Grand Canyon National Park, choose from six different lodging experiences, including the historic El Tovar Hotel, Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins, Kachina Lodge, Thunderbird Lodge, Maswik Lodge or Yavapai Lodge. Each one offers different services and experiences, but the same reservation rule applies to all. Book your room months in advance. Reservations open 13 months in advance and for some places, rooms can sell out in the first month of booking.

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North Rim Lodging

On the North Rim, find the luxurious Grand Canyon Lodge with a grand patio overlooking the Rim.Canyon Lodging at Phantom RanchFor a unique experience, hike down to the Grand Canyon’s bottom and stay at the Phantom Ranch.