You’re dreaming of sitting around a campfire under the stars, but the reality is that camping is often more of an ordeal than the pictures on your Instagram feed would lead you to believe.

Take the stress out of camping with Simply Go, a Phoenix-based company specializing in fully-ready camping experiences.

iKamper roof-top tents rented by Simply Go

iKamper roof-top tents

Gone are the days of digging through your basement for that old, leaky tent, standing in line to rent gear at your local outdoor store and showing up to the campground realizing you forgot fuel for the stove.

Simply Go takes the hassle out of preparing for a camping trip. All you have to do is pick out your campsite, throw your favorite camping food in a cooler and get ready for an adventure.

At Simply Go, you can rent Taxa pull-behind trailers, iKamper roof top tents, or a pickup truck equipped with a rooftop tent if your own vehicle won’t suffice. Almost everything you’ll need is included in your rental. You’ll be equipped with bedding, power, lighting, cooking and eating supplies, seating, storage and more.

Tiger Moth camping trailer by Taxa Outdoor rented by Simply Go in Arizona

Tiger Moth camping trailer

Don’t worry about leaving your furry friend at home, Simply Go’s rentals are pet friendly.

Want to camp even more hands off? Opt for their Campcierge service. All you have to do is reserve a camper and choose a campsite and Simply Go will set your camp up for you and take it down after your stay.

Phoenix is an hour-and-a-half from Saguaro National Park, three-and-a-half hours from Grand Canyon National Park, and close to many other amazing national forests, state parks and other great spots to camp in Arizona.

Sad to see your roof top tent go at the end of your rental? Simply Go is an authorized iKamper dealer so you can purchase a rooftop tent and accessories of your own if you’re ready to turn your vacation memories into every-weekend memories.

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