Quick Facts: South Rim vs. Grand Canyon West

Photo: Grant Ordelheide / Courtesy Grand Canyon West

What’s the difference between the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon West? A lot. To start, they are in opposite corners of Arizona, with the South Rim closest to Williams and Flagstaff. Grand Canyon West is closer to Las Vegas, Nevada. Grand Canyon West is operated by the Hualapai tribe, so it has a completely different history and vibe than the South Rim, which is operated by the National Park Service. Learn more below. 

Map showing the three rims of the Grand Canyon
South West
Managed by National Park Service Hualapai Tribe
Entrance Fee $35/vehicle $69/adult
Hours from Las Vegas Nearly 5 hours (278 miles) Just over 2 hours (122 miles)
Cultural Bonus Park ranger talks Hualapai exhibits, performances
Closest Lodging Camping and lodging at rim Hualapai Ranch near rim
Photography Personal photography allowed No cameras on the Skywalk
Unique Attraction Inner canyon hiking trails A glass bridge suspended over the Grand Canyon
One-day rafting trips Start in Page, Ariz. Start near Peach Springs, Ariz.

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